“Pic Nic” : Novelty T-Shirts for a Meal

The era of square pants Sponge Bob came to an end – in the arena came a new creation “of the two trouser leg.” The Italian company has taken care of Acquacalda lovers picnic in the fresh air and submitted to the novelty of consumers with a thematic title “Pic Nic”.

 No, these pants are not edible, though the title and hints. Therefore, all efforts to remove them from the sample to taste and smell is strictly not recommended. Design-Miracle pants were invented as an alternative to all sorts of curtains and the tables on the grass under the trees. With these pants are now resolved and the issue of lack of “seats” if you want to spend your lunch outdoors.

 Novelty is a ridiculously “creative” symbiosis “harem” pants, denim material, and … the table. As planned by the designer, in which you can easily find a place in the premises of a shortage of chairs, where there has been a short break to “eat cookies with a coffee break.”

“Work” Pants are very simple. In order to enjoy their benefits in full, you only need to sit down on the “soft spot” and cross his legs. The fabric stretches and get an impromptu table for a picnic or quick lunch. Also, the side of the pants has a convenient pocket to put into it some capacity: a glass with a drink, for example.

While it is unknown how consumers will take a new product, because of its design (in the opinion of many, as can be seen from the comments) is not very aesthetic. Some critics even remember the movie “Zoolander” with its ironic about fashion.Maybe, “the man-model” Mr. Mugatu from this comedy picture and would like new. And of the characters real and trousers for a picnic lovers will appreciate sverhpraktichnyh things, or those who enjoy spending time in nature.

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