Multi-functional Chair for Grandma Chair doting grandmother by Bora Cakilkaya

Despite the fact that the grandmother’s life are very different, literature and art present us with their cute and kind old ladies who sit in a rocking chair, covered with a blanket, and read a book, stroking a cat or knit socks and scarves for the grandchildren. It is this grandmother was a designer named Bora Cakilkaya, who lived with her ​​in the same apartment for many years and as a result came up with the original seat for Grandma Grandma Chair.

 This unusual furniture, in essence, no different from those wooden chairs with high backs that are in the house of each one of us. Is that a multifunctional chair Grandma Chair back of this already very high. Besides – with advanced features and functions of the chest. Probably my grandmother will appreciate this innovation, given that many of them have difficulty walking, and sometimes so reluctant to get out of a warm blanket, taking a knee at least warm the cat to go somewhere to get something …


Thus, the high back Grandma Chair is a system of small multi-colored lockers, more similar, however, on the box. What are these cabinets are designed to solve only the old woman, who will use them. Well, she can put them in the sewing and knitting, spectacles and pills, a small book or newspaper, or even something yummy for yourself, your favorite cat or restless-granddaughter. Each locker is equipped with a handle in the form of a fun brush-tail to make it easier to open that same locker. But the idea of ​​armrests or a backrest upholstered designer has not thought through … However, the chair until Grandma Chair that is in a state of the concept, and the sale has not yet appeared.

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