Conceptual Table Egg Table from the company WamHouse

Once upon a time my grandfather and grandmother, and they had chicken Ryaba. And the hen laid an egg, but not easy, but … similar to the unusual design table on Egg Table. As you may have guessed, in fact, it is not about a woman with his grandfather, and on contemporary creative people with a rich imagination and a vivid imagination, and it was not chicken at all, and designers from companies WamHouse. Table-Egg Egg Table – their handiwork.

 However, because chickens do not fly, egg, inspired the designers on this project, should belong to another large bird, whose house is located in the branches of a tree. Not for nothing that the original wooden table leg like a tree trunk, and the egg symbolizes the countertop, located in the bird’s nest-building. Egg in a bird, a bird in the nest, a nest in a tree – the result is a coherent plan of action for preparation of eggs, and solving a design.

   The trunk of the tree and a nest with an egg inside – so the design project sees the majority of viewers. But some believe that the table leg is a bird’s foot, and then the egg – this chick, who is about to hatch. Be that as it may, the minimalist design of the table-egg allows it to seamlessly integrate into virtually any room interior, not just food, buffet or coffee shop, but contemporary apartments.


By the way, the Polish designers from the company WamHouse already familiar to our readers by another unusual conceptual piece of furniture – a chair under the Product Name Armchair Paszcza.

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