Bridge Amsterdam bridge V – a futuristic bridge design, sculpture, designed by studio Yaohua Wang Architecture

Amsterdam bridge V – a futuristic bridge design, sculpture, designed by experts from the architectural studio Yaohua Wang Architecture for Amsterdam (Netherlands).

 Each part of the structure contributes to its unique aesthetics. The design of the bridge consists of two independent pathways that transferred across the river parallel to each other. One way is for hiking, the other – for cyclists.

   In the center of the bridge, cross paths. This place is an elegant urban architecture provides a secure space in which the motion reduces the pace.

 To create a futuristic concept architects inspired forms fighter F117, created directly by the need to hide from radar waves, rather than from a desire to do something original.

 This model airplane is an interesting example of the relationship between performance and aesthetics. Amsterdam bridge V is also trying to achieve this “gold” in the middle of the spiral shape of the structure, tectonic layering which provides reliability and functionality of the bridge and adds to its direct additional features.

 Solar and wind power, integrated into the design, provide a continuous supply of electricity in the livelihood program of the bridge and reduce its carbon “footprint.”


With the creativity of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio

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