Artificial Noise of the Motor for Electric Vehicles from AUDI

A significant drawback of electric cars is that they are virtually silent. This entails some negative consequences. For example, pedestrians do not hear a car, can not pay attention to it. That is to get rid of this problem, and just for a spectacular ride through the streets, the company AUDI decided to equip its electric sound fuel vehicles.

 As we know, in the United States plans to build a city without people for working on the streets of various experiments in terms of transport and urban governance. Here in this quiet village of electric cars would be quite handy. In other places where people live, quiet running electric cars can be very dangerous.

 After all, people are accustomed to paying attention to the sound of an approaching car, it’s one of the most important factors in road safety. But electric vehicles virtually silent. And even the U.S. government passed a law mandating that cars be equipped with a special electric amplifier. And law-abiding company AUDI decided to install on all their cars special board with the sounds recorded in the studio during the test operation of a gasoline car from this manufacturer.

Moreover, a complex system, developed by engineers AUDI, will generate a sound in electric mode up to milliseconds, which coincides with the normal operating mode of the vehicle. It is based on the power of the engine, vehicle speed, load and other parameters. So now even the owners of electric vehicles can hear the noise from under the hood now AUDI his car.This greatly increases their self-esteem at this moment! Well, the safety of other road users!

Moreover, the company plans to patent the AUDI their “brand” and sell them to the sounds of other manufacturers of electric vehicles.

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