Three Spirits – A futuristic project of floating hotel project by Philip Kuzevski (Filip Kurzewski)

Three Spirits – a futuristic project of floating hotel, designed as a master’s thesis of a young Polish architect Philip Kuzevski (Filip Kurzewski) from the Warsaw University of Technology (Warsaw University of Technology).

   Three Spirits – floating hotel for the study of the Pacific. The project offers a floating base, tourism and hotel suites in three ships.

 Each of the three-part functions as an independent unit. Guests can explore the underwater world while staying within the institution. Visitors can also enjoy a wide range of additional attractions.

 On the first floor there are common social space on the second – the casino – the third multipurpose room equipped for film screenings and theater productions.

 When meeting with each other, the ships provide a total water area of ​​interest to travelers and guests. As each ship is a separate unit, there is a possibility of a temporary separation of the vessel, in order to perform a variety of cruises, and then to keep the possibility of reunification of the object.

 One of the main attractions of the object – a diving capsule, through which guests can not only learn the practice of diving, but also safe to dive to great depths, to see, for example, coral reefs and wrecks.

 As part of project development from its authors had numerous consultations with marine architects.

With the creativity of the author of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio

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