Concept Toast-ER by Shay Carmon

As soon as the number of TV series about the doctors almost caught up with the number of series of detectives and police, there is nothing surprising in the fact that kids who play the doctors know what patients need to “intubate” hold it “full body scan” to do “CT and MRI “and if the patient is still getting worse, then use the” defibrillator. ” Designer Carmon Shea (Shay Carmon) proposes to use the same device for the resuscitation of another patient – a beginner stale bread. A device will help to do this Toast-ER , and the species name.

 This conceptual device is really reminiscent of the one saving medical device, familiar to us from serials, though compact and easy to use. With the help of a toaster-defibrillator Toast-ER Breakfast will turn into an exciting game, which will want to have fun and the kids and adults. To prepare medical toast, you need to get a piece of bread and to create the appropriate atmosphere to exclaim something like, “he goes from us, we lose it!” And then give the patient discharge.


The trick is that the toaster not only looks but also acts as its big brother, a medical. to get a crispy crunchy bread from the “almost dead”, as it should be pressed to the electrodes, and it carefully with your fingers to press the buttons. Pulling the same bread from the toaster, it can be seen drawing cardiogram. What makes it clearer, the crispy bread, which means that the procedure was effective nowhere.

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