Eccerobot – The world’s first Robot with Human facial Expressions and Muscles !!

In the film, Stanley Kubrick’s “Space Odyssey 2001” refers to robots that are completely indistinguishable from the people, nor by appearances, nor psychology, nor in behavior. Of course, the author went too far – to a level of technology, even to us, in 2012, the year is still very far away. However, the first serious steps in this direction are made. Meet Eccerobot – the world’s first robot with human facial expressions and muscles !

   Robots capture all of the new industry for its use and learn all new and new features. Suffice it to recall those “iron men” about whom we wrote in the last few months on the site Novate.Ru! Cheetah – the fastest world robot , Nao – a robot that looks like a man , and the Panasonic Evolta all took part in World Championships Triathlon along with people !

But the robot Eccerobot its creators tried to make the most like a human in anatomical terms. For example, it has a skeleton made of thermoplastic polymers. To it are attached more than eight artificial muscles responsible for movement of the anthropomorphic machines.

These muscles act like the muscles of man and other animals – they are cut at the right time in unique combinations with every movement.
Particular emphasis is placed on the muscles of the “face”. The robot has a developed Eccerobot facial expressions, for the development of the creators of this android which had for a long time to study and interpret facial expressions of people.

Robot Eccerobot also has a huge number of sensors, with which he receives information about the external world. This high-resolution video camera and sensors, and an accelerometer that is responsible for the position of the “body” in space. With this system, data acquisition and interpretation, Eccerobot has almost human reflexes (including the vestibular system), that is, in certain situations, it will behave the same way as humans. And so he made a face at the same time is no worse than a clown in the circus!

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