Helixxx Bridge – A futuristic project of the Pedestrian Bridge, designed by Eugenio Aglietti

Helixxx Bridge – a futuristic project of the pedestrian bridge, designed by architect Eugenio Aglietti for construction in front of the museum Amsterdam Hermitage Museum in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

  The project includes a bridge that connects the two banks of the Amstel River and includes a pedestrian zone, as well as social and technical facilities located nearby, along the waterfront. The concept of an object based on the latest advances in digital design and is the result of a series of progressive steps and elements, each of which is justified and feasible.

Span Helixxx Bridge is 82 meters. The unique bridge, creating a spiral grid of 25 planar elements that originates on the waterfront of one of the coasts and leads directly to the entrance to the museum. The futuristic shape of the bridge symbolizes the three crosses of St. Andrew, which depicts the coat of arms of Amsterdam, and denote the three virtues of the city – courage, firmness, and charity.

Continuous translucent shell determines the amount of pedestrian bridge, and emphasizes the way to the museum. The shell is composed of two materials – glass, allowing views of the Amstel admire and perforated ceramic panels, which provide a flow of air, creating a favorable micro-climate inside the structure. with the work of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the architect’s personal page : http://europaconcorsi.com/authors/2144656520

Facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Archetipo-di-un-libero-professionista/151219511588644


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  1. me and nobody else says:

    From the architectural point of view this bridge is ugly. From the digital and Rendering point of view this bridge is super ugly!

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