Infiniti LE – Electric Car with Wireless Charging

At one time seemed unthinkable transfer of radio and TV signals through the air, and then the wireless Internet. Now all this – everyday things that are billions of people throughout the world. A few years later in the same familiar, it may become, and charging of electric vehicles without all sorts of electrical cables . The first such machine, Infiniti LE , already presented to the public at the Auto Show in New York!


Nissan is still a few months ago introduced a technology wireless charging vehicles by electromagnetic induction. However, it seems, against all expectation, the first production vehicle of this type will not Nissan Leaf, and the other is the brainchild of the company – Nissan Infiniti LE.

The concept car Infiniti LE was introduced recently in the Motor Show in New York (2012 New York Auto Show). In the same series production of this car will be in two years!

Nissan Infiniti LE – is an electric sedan with a very sleek (coefficient of aerodynamic drag in it is equal to 0.25, and this is one of the best in the world!) This car has the engine capacity of 136 horsepower and a 24-kilowatt battery. On one full charge of its Infiniti LE will be able to travel about 160 kilometers.

 Moreover, charging the battery will not be using the cable as it makes absolutely all the other electric cars, and wireless technology. To do this, Infiniti LE will be enough to stay on a special platform for generating an electromagnetic field. This method of charging, according to engineers at Nissan, will roughly double the speed up the process of energy exchange, increasing the efficiency of up to 80-90 percent!

However, with the advent of such machines on the streets, you will need to replace (or at least improve) the entire infrastructure for electric vehicles. This requires time, effort and finance. But do not doubt that this will be done, because the advantages of such a charging system – obvious!

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