A Conceptual Rounded Pebbles Table by Nicola D’Alessandro

Stylish futuristic furniture that can be used both indoors and outdoors, came up with Italian designer Nicola D’Alessandro . The inspiration for this was the time that same Mother Nature, namely, rounded pebbles of specific colors, which can be found on the coast of Versilia river. The system of furniture and the name was appropriate: Stone Table.

 Despite its name, Stone Table is not only a table-stone. Different sizes of pieces of furniture allow them to serve tables and seats, and stand, and coffee tables. Depending on the purposes for which the furniture is needed at this time. A material used to produce Cristalplant little that is environmentally friendly and are 100% recyclable, but is also comfortable to hold, perfectly clean and not deformed by the temperature difference.

     The rounded shape of the conceptual furniture make it safe for kids, so you can easily fit such tables and benches children’s rooms, or make it an element of decoration on a lawn in a country house. But the options do not provide the designer colors: only the classic white-blue version, which, however, meets all the requirements of modern design in the style of minimalist fashion.


That the furnishing of a series of replicate Stone Table, it does not go so far. But details about the project can be found at the author’s Nicola D’Alessandro And studio NydaDesign.

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