Mask for a night’s sleep Remee Dream Mask


April 11, 2012Miscellaneous2 Comments

For some time ceased to be masters of dreams mythical, fictional characters, and moved into the category of ordinary people. The company invented a device Bitbanger Labs Remee Dream Mask , which helps people control their own dreams and make them exactly as wanted.

Externally, an innovative device for monitoring the dream is almost indistinguishable from an ordinary mask to sleep at night.And only those who are in the subject, know that this gadget is equipped with LEDs that flash on and off in a certain order, thus creating different patterns of sleep before my eyes.

   Researchers have determined that these colorful patterns the human brain thinks illusions that occur during sleep, and then the person is not plunging into a deep sleep and did not lose control of the mind, is able to regulate and adjust their dreams.Also it is possible to adjust and work light-emitting diodes, increasing or decreasing the brightness and flash rate.


It is expected that the market will do some amazing varieties of devices to control dreams. Depending on the complexity of the device and its design, the price will be from 80 to 140 dollars.

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  1. Rhonda says:

    How can I buy one?

  2. A new safe way (i hope) to experiment with your brain.

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