“Informal” formal shoes from designer Barbara Gondzhini (Barbara Gongini)

Whether we like it or not, but the official (read “business”) style of clothing had long since turned into a lifestyle of most modern humans. That is it, our corporate harsh reality. Dresses and skirts are strict, “crunchy” shirts and blouses restrained, laconic shoes – no secret that many of nature can find a forced casual ensemble, at least, boring. To dilute the gray days of this “white collar” personality and taste which demands an immediate revolt, designer Barbara Gondzhini (Barbara Gongini) offers an example of “informal” formal footwear own authorship.

   Perhaps Barbara – nature is aggressive. Perhaps the young woman inspires creativity is now deceased master of Haute Couture Alexander McQueen (Alexander McQueen) . Maybe she just likes shocking and rather heavy music. In any case, the work of Danish designer leather smell, and imbued with the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll.  In his collection of Barbara is an elegant men’s shoes, strict style decor with the calling of the sharp spines. Do not worry: this is hardly able to make cute shoes hurt others (yes, use them as a “combo”-shoes is not recommended): “jewelry” made from the skin and the relatively soft plastic. But the shoe looks more than impressive, and certainly complement the image of a rebel, a young rock star or just a bold dude.  What is true, the use of shoes from Barbara Gondzhini as an official, and the more “business” is in serious doubt. In the office, so certainly nothing to do shoes. And on a friend’s wedding, these “couples” is hardly obuesh. If you – not Axl Rose, of course.    Do not forgot to Barbara and the beautiful box. For the young and daring designer has produced a charming stud with a “proprietary” spines. By the way, and decorate their front and back of the shoe – a great idea. And then the problems with the balance would be provided.  Less militant Barbara offers special Shoed relatively feminine style boots “irons” to “knitted” effect.   And, of course, do not forget about accessories.  

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