A futuristic bike Spherovelo, futuristic ideal bike for kids

The invention of the bicycle is still a popular pastime for both experienced designers and for young people. Not long ago, a British company Early Rider project is presented to the public his invention, a futuristic bike Spherovelo , which is intended for the youngest riders between the ages of one and a half to two years. And this vehicle is of interest not only original and stylish appearance, but also some functional features.

   By the way, just a futuristic bicycle wheel can be called one of the basic know-how of designers from Early Rider. Smooth, polished wooden sphere, which gave the name of the project, provide a remarkable stability of the vehicle. and this does not affect the speed and ease of movement. Again, the bike more stable, more easy to be parents for her baby, and everything to gain.


Cyclists pass the test yet test, in particular, designers are interested in how easy it will be for the kids. Seeing as how it looks in practice, it is possible for video:

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