Yakiniku Master Japanese barbecue

Not being otyavlennym meat eaters, you will never become a regular at the creative BBQ Restaurant Yakiniku Japanese Master Barbecue , which opened recently in Shanghai (China).    Area schools was 300 square meters. The restaurant seats 130 people at the same time visiting. The authors of the design project – a British architectural studio Taiwanese Golucci International Design.

 The interiors of establishments are a harmonious blend of minimalist modern design with “quotes” from the Japanese and Chinese architectural and cultural traditions.

 For example, the designers used a frame structure, made of oak wood, as zoned space partitions and screens. Or from the ceiling lights Golucci – light, subtle allusions to the theme of traditional Chinese boats, as well as integrated into the floor of the rectangular areas with pebbles under the clear glass, causing the association with the Japanese rock garden.

 Large-scale black-and-white mural, located in the bar area, beautiful silhouettes depicts a typical Chinese roofs. However, the dominant visual space of a single barbecue restaurant has a black wall of decorative folded Japanese charcoal barbecue.

All these elements are not only elegant, pleasing look, but tactile and pleasant. It has a modern interior is something to tell your guests during the meal. With creative architectural studio Golucci International Design, whose portfolio includes a number of design projects implemented by upscale restaurants and hotels can be found by visiting its official site:

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