LouLou Jeans for Queen dancefloor by Hudson Jeans


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Let the 90th, with their crazy bright raves lagged far behind, but the neon has long been an obsession and deeply ingrained in the street and club fashion world. A good gift for the “club kids” this generation will be 2000 + new pants with phosphorescent strips. Designers believe that their creation will be a real boom in the “hot” season spring-summer of this year.

   Creator is the new LouLou jeans became company Hudson Jeans. The organization is known for its “revolutionary views on the style.” This time the designers have tried to surprise consumers again and present a regular on the face of a product that will be very interesting after dark.

 It is known that the new limited edition jeans come out, because women of fashion to interested should hurry to order this product. Incidentally, the band on pants have a few colors, namely pink, green, red and orange. Jeans, respectively, also produced in different colors.

   A few words about the new title: Loulou – a tribute to the famous fashionistas 60th – 70th Loulou de la Falaise . Lulu came into fashion history as a woman with an extraordinary sense of style that has become the most replaceable muse of Yves Saint Laurent . Rumor has it that it was Madame de la Falaise was inspired by the maestro at creating in 1966 the famous ladies’ tuxedo . In turn, the new Hudson Jeans strips and plays with his “smokingovuyu” theme.

   These jeans are perfect acquisition for girls who are club lifestyle, because of their “magical” effect, like the spilling of vampires, it begins with the onset of darkness. Of course, the design may seem unpretentious, but still, the attention of the conquerors of the dance floor in the darkness will be brought solely at your feet.


Probably the only disadvantage of these pants is their price. And she, believe me, not low – as much as 198 dollars greenbacks. And yet: there are many people that do not scare the cost of new items, and who can appreciate it, as they say, in action. The rest – only on video .

If you have a question about the lipstick, shoe polish, and then, unfortunately, these items are not included in the price. So the bow will complement your own.

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