30 Best Sky Pictures of the Week – March 04th to April 11th, 2012


April 11, 2012PhotographyNo comments

1. Stars, lightning, and a mushroom cloud over western Oklahoma.

2. Lenticular Cloud over Amsterdam Island

3. Red and green Auroras, Hakoya island, just outside Tromsoe, Norway.

4. Beatiful Sky Reflection in Rorevann, Norway 

5. Mammatus cloud 

6. Sunset over the river. 

7. Los Angeles Sunset 

8. Sunrise OC in Galveston, TX.

9. Just About Gone, Quirindi NSW Australia 

10. Maybe Tomorrow – Sunset near Madison, Wisonsin 

11. Sunset over Angkor , Siem Reap, Cambodia 

12. Above the Cloud, Atlantic Ocean

14. Sunset at the Sunset Celebration in Key West, Florida 

15. Sky opens up at my best friend’s memorial at Torrance Beach 

16. Storm clouds over North Texas 

17. Sunset Silhouette of Financial District, NYC

18. Sky over SF and Golden Gate Bridge from the Albany waterfront 

19. Sunset Over Black Mountain, Canberra Australia 

20. silhouettes and sunset

21. Sunset over Rio Grande at Lemitar, New Mexico

22. The moon peeking through the trees as it was first visible 

23. Incredible night sky over Alaska

24. Nautical dawn – Tsawwassen, British Columbia Canada 

25. Bamburgh, England 

26. Just a snapshot towards the sun on Chocolate Day morning 2012 from Pennsylvania, USA. 

27. Dat… cloud? …over East London 

28. Holden Beach Intercoastal 

29. Flying over Costa Rica 

30. Sunrise in Sudbury, Ontario


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