30 Best Space Pictures of the Week – April 11th to April 18th, 2012


April 18, 2012PhotographyNo comments

1. Our star 

2. Played with Photoshop , but thought it would be more appropriate here. 

3. The antennae galaxies. Just beautiful. 

4. Six Moons of Saturn 

5. Earth and the Moon from Mars

6. UK and Ireland by night, with the Aurora Borealis captured by ESA astronaut, André Kuipers, from the ISS 

7. Opportunity’s Landing-Spot – Heat Shield Impact Crater 

8. Buzz Aldrin Emerging from Gemini Hatch

9. NASA’s first launch 

10. Mars

11. Earth + Moon composite 

12. Earth from Apollo 8, 1968 

13. Moscow at Night 

14. Spaceporn Wallpapers for the Desktop Astronaut: Heart of the Milky Way 

15. The Trifid Nebula 

16. Streaming Dark Nebulas near B44

17. Mir Space Station Orbiting the Earth

18. Clouds of Jupiter, like an abstract painting 

19. Three moons cast shadow on Jupiter.

20. Perseid Meteors meet Circumpolar Star Trails 

21. Green sky, aurora at Fairbanks AK 

22. Milky Way at Namtso lake, Tibet 

23. Shuttle Atlantis just flew by my office in Suiltand, MD 

24. Amazing hi-def flare captured on the sun on Monday April 16 by NASA’s SDO satellite

25. Space Shuttle Discovery flying right over my head 

26. Antares and Clouds 

27. Eagle Nebula 

28. The Rosette Nebula 

29. A dust devil on Mars 

30. Orion Nebula 

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