30 Best Animal Pictures of the Week – April 13th to April 20th, 2012


April 20, 2012PhotographyNo comments

1.  A two week old Eastern Bongo, one of less than 200 in the world, looks out from under mom at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo


2. Grey Heron

3. Hill Ponies in Black-a-Tor Copse, Dartmoor – UK

4. Great white shark

5. Piney Woods Cattle 

6. Dartmoor Pony with an itchy tummy 

7. Horny Lizard in Australia

8. Shetland Pony, Dartmoor 

9. A fox rests on a beach of black volcanic sands on Kamchatka’s Pacific coast 

10. Snakes

11. Ridiculously Photogenic Mantis

12. “Engrossed” grizzly bear at the St. Louis Zoo 

13. Red fox with a longing gaze 

14. Green Parrot

15. This Is not going to end well – The photographer seems oblivious to the fact that an angry Buffalo is near by.

16. African Grey Parrot 

17. Axolotl 

18. Humpback Whale breaching.

19. Horse Whispering, Dartmoor – UK 

20. Shark Attack by Daniel Bust 

21. This squirrel kept standing up for me when I pointed the camera at him

22. Wolf Spider 

23. Red Eft 

24. A rattlesnake I took while on vacation 

25. yey i caught a fish!

26. Starfish 

27. Ruby Throated Hummingbird

28. Our new friend, Julius 

29. An Eastern Gray Squirrel having a drink.

30. Tree Swallows in a Spring Snowstorm 

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