29 Best Room Pictures of the Week – April 17th to April 24th, 2012


April 24, 2012Photography1 Comment

1. In-floor bed and an amazing roof 


2. The dream living room 

3. Glass reception area

4. Natural lines – Esherick House near Valley Forge

5. Refreshing Luxury Bedroom 

6. Stairs are for suckers – Tokyo 

7. Nicely designed bathroom

8. Living room of a beach house in Queen’s, New York

9. Peacock Room, Castello Non Plus Ultra, Italy

10. Great Hall, Caerphilly Castle 

11. Inside of Wooden Cabin Room

12. Living room in an apartment at Skyhouse Sydney – The Cove in Australia

13. Room in the Armidillo Cabin 

14. Ancient Japanese Room 

15. Exquisite Underwater Bedroom

16. My first experience with room porn. Ever.

17. Seattle library kitchen.

18. The Strand – Victorian Shopping Mall in Sydney

19. Freising Cathedral – Krypta and Beast Column 

20. The Great Australian Clock at Queen Victoria Building 

21. The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands – Singapore 

22. Hotel de Glace 

23. luxury bathroom By masminto354 

24. Open format living area 

25. Goose Island Barrel-Aging Warehouse

26. Beautiful indoor pool 

27. Gladstone’s library – Wales. 

28. The workshop, Larnaca 

29. Jacuzzi Tub by the Hearth 

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  1. ibvpn says:

    thse are realy amazingly decorated peaces, the best a decorator could have done justice to his art work,,, thnx

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