30 Best Sky Pictures of the Week – April 18th to April 25th, 2012


April 25, 2012PhotographyNo comments

1. Reflection in Auster-Skaftafellssysla, Iceland 


2. Red sky at night, sailors delight

3. Face in the sky Eyjafjöll Iceland

4. Storm clouds above South Bend

5. Sunset in Assisi Italy

6. Early morning sunrise Worcestershire UK 

7. Aurora shows up while it’s still twilight out 

8. Lake Te Anau – New Zealand 

9. A cloudy sunset on the beach, Lithuania 

10. Storm front over Lake Michigan. July 26, 2011 

11. Dual Lightning Strike during the Sunset 

12. Sunset over Guadalupe Mountains (TX) as seen from New Mexico BLM Land 

13. Te Paki Sand Dunes at Ninety Mile Beach – New Zealand 

14. Sunbeams

15. Barbaric Black and Burning Gold – Dayton, Wisconsin 

16. Cloudy sunset over my apartment in Texas 

17. Sunset over Nova Scotia, Canada 

18. Zeus came to Texas on a cloud almost 1 year ago 

19. White Wall – Zakynthos, Greece 

20. Purple dusk at Thetis Lake – Victoria B.C. Canada

21. Sunset over Robinson Crusoe Island, Fiji. 2010 

22. Fog and sky merge to cover most of Navy Pier in Chicago 

23. Morning’s sunrise in Cincinnati, OH. A silhouette of a young tree of heaven against the twilight sky

24.  Angkor Wat at dawn 

25. A sunset over Cordoba-Spain , and thought I would share…

26. Shadows of Ayers Rock, Australia 

27. A red sunset near Swifts Creek, Australia.

28. Walk in the Clouds – Asturias, Spain

29. Crater Lake, Oregon – Seeing mammatocumulus clouds like this is rare. Seeing them at sunset is nearly unimaginable.

30. Española Island at sunset


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