30 Best City Pictures of the Week – April 18th to April 25th, 2012


April 25, 2012Photography3 Comments

1. Lisbon tramway 


2. A brunch in San Francisco.

3. Edinburgh, Scotland

4. Seattle and the Olympic Mountains

5. Lovely Quince Street in Philadelphia

6. A Back Lane in Florence, Italy 

7. Mist rising softly over a glowing New York City skyline

8. One World Trade Center, New York City, on April 1st

9. Super Hi-Res Photo of Venice 

10. NYC, on my roof

11. Modern Shanghai at Night 

12. Danny Torres on the Burj Dubai Heli-pad viewing the Burj Khalifa, Dubai UAE 

13. Shanghai in 2012.

14. Shard Sunrise, London

15. Krasnaya Presnya, Russia

16. Tokyo all in 

17. Westminster.

18. Jumbo Floating Restaurant (Hong Kong)

19. Snowy Shard – London 

20. Piazzale Michaelangelo in Florence

21. Dubai Marina Skyline 

22. Downtown Warsaw 

23. Slice of Aerial Manhattan

24. London 

25. Paris

26. Boston Commons

27. Minneapolis from Franklin Street Bridge

28. Paris Intersection

29. Aerial San Francisco

30. Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

3 Responses to “30 Best City Pictures of the Week – April 18th to April 25th, 2012”
  1. ellie says:

    Wow… amazing

  2. Bruno M Silvestre says:

    Wish I had money to visit all the places..

  3. I took the #3 picture of Edinburgh, thanks 🙂

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