30 Best Exposure Photography Pictures of the Week – April 24th to May 01th, 2012

1. A 1 hour, 32 minute and 34 second exposure by photographer Manuel Cafini of a snail.


2. Seattle at night from across Lake Union

3. When a 500 year old temple meets Blade Runner in Seoul, South Korea 

4. Abandoned theme park ‘Splendid China’, Florida 

5. A View From My Backyard (The orange color is from the lights of New Orleans) 

6. I grew a light flower…

7. Clouds over my hometown 

8. Blue & red LEDs and CCFTs in a halfbuilt bungalow, Tyneside, UK 

9. Pensacola, FL Bay 

10. Space Shuttle Endeavour Launch in 1998

11. Really Cool Cascades in Paradise River, Mount Rainier National Park 

12. Concrete pipes with light painted orb, Wallsend, UK 

13. Light Painted Landscape

14. Blowing Bubbles….

15. iPod Touch in my bedroom.

16. Firework (1 sec exposure) 

17. Photography League Night

18. The Bay of Pula, Croatia

19. 5-Minute Exposure under Full-Moonlight of Luray, VA and the Shenandoah Valley.

20. Delta II rocket launch from Space Launch Complex 2 carrying NASA’s NPOESS Preparatory Project (NPP) satellite into orbit 

21. She grows flowers on her head…

22. Outside Lyons, PA by moonlight 

23. Weldor

24. A Photo of My Grandfather’s Old Farmhouse

25. When rain, a long exposure, and a 617 year old temple gate meet in Seoul, South 

26. Mountain biking at night.

27. Neighborhood Warp Speed 

28. 2 planes passing over Squak Mountain, WA

29. Aluminum TIG Welding, Sacramento, CA

30. Ghost Status

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