30 Best Space Pictures of the Week – April 25th to May 02nd, 2012

1. This Hubble image of the Egg Nebula shows one of the best views to date of this brief but dramatic phase in a star’s life


2. Meteor Over Crater Lake

3. A color camera records a balloon popping high above Earth 

4. Soyuz on the Launch Pad 

5. Arches over Utah

6. Crescent Earth

7. Artist’s illustration gives an impression of how common planets are around the stars in the Milky Way

8. Mir Space Station as seen from the Space Shuttle Atlantis 

9. Noctis Labyrinthus, ‘Labyrinth of The Night’, Mars

10. Tyrrhenian Sea and Solstice Sky

11. Jupiter and the Moons of Earth

12. The winds of Mars create sand dunes that seem to flow like a liquid across the planet’s surface. The dark, arc-shaped dunes formed in the wake of the mesas are called barchans and can move downstream remarkably intact, even able to cross paths with other dunes.

13. A picture I took from inside my tent while camping.

14. A Dangerous Sunrise on Gliese 876d (artist’s conception) 

15. Space Shuttle Enterprise Flyover by the Chrysler Building 

16. Aurora Over Raufarhöfn

17. The Dancing Auroras of Saturn

18. The Soyuz TMA-22 Spacecraft Departs

19. Milky Way and Delicate Arch, Utah

20. Lava Flow on Mars

21. SpaceX Falcon 9 Static Launch

22. Morning, Moon, and Mercury

23. A metor traveling east to west as seen over the skies of central/northern California Sunday morning, April 22

24. Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex

25. WOW. Top view of earth and the space shuttle Atlantis, as seen from the Russian Federation Mir Station. 

26. The Sombrero galaxy, also known as NGC 4594 

27. Amateur astrophotographer in Latvia captures the moon.

28. Aurora in Scotland

29. Messier 45 – The Pleiades

30. This image shows the Optical Telescope Element Simulator, or OSIM, wrapped in a silver blanket on a platform, being lowered into the Space Environment Simulator vacuum chamber via crane to be tested to withstand the cold temperatures of space

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