30 Best City Pictures of the Week – April 18th to May 02nd, 2012

1. The 9/11 Memorial as seen from the 90th floor of One World Trade Center 

2. The Impossible Staircase in Munich – Umschreibung by Olafur Eliasson

3. National Library of Belarus, Minsk, Belarus

4. Berlin at night

5. The highest density in the world you will find in Mongkok (Hong Kong).

6. It’s so rare that I see an image of my hometown with so much green, (Calgary)

7. Beirut from Above 

8. Prague Castle, Prague, Czech Republic

9. Early Morning at the Pantheon, Rome Italy 

10. Boston from the Harbor 

11. Storm On The Horizon 

12. House (m, 90 years old) from Berlin is searching for a partner 

13. Guangzhou in Transition

14. Salt Lake City, Utah, at dawn.

15. Chicago from a rooftop 

16. Monaco Nightscape

17. Canary Wharf, London 

18. Toronto Skyline 

19. Shanghai skyline

20. View From Buda into Pest, Budapest Hungary

21. Kuala Lumpur

22. Brno, Czech republic 

23. Sevilla, Spain 

24. British Columbia Parliament 

25. De la Commune Linear Park, Montréal, Quebec – Canada 

26. Vilnus, Lithuania 

27. The ufo in berlin 

28. Buckingham Fountain Chicago 

29. Sunset over Manila, Philippines

30. A German Night, Cologne Germany

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  1. rabbi says:

    wow man nice collection the pictures were refreshing…keep it up

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