30 Best Animal Pictures of the Week – April 27th to May 04th, 2012

1. A lion feeds 


2. First I couldn’t figure why the Bee wasn’t Moving and then…..I found why.

3. A horse in the womb.

4. Diving Siberian Tiger

5. Just a Cat that Licks the Water

6. Tong, a seven-year-old chimpanzee, drinks water from a pipe 

7. Albino Lion

8. Snow leopard at the San Francisco Zoo

9. Ever been kissed by a moose?

10. A green world

11. White-breasted Yellow-headed and Black-headed male Gouldian Finches.

12. Arctic Fox

13. Quite an impressive Stag in a central London park

14. Rolling leopardess at the Walter Zoo, Switzerland

15. Inca Tern having dinner

16. Waiting for walkies 

17. Romalea microptera

18. Black tip reef shark in Maldives 

19. Python having a snack 

20. Burrowing owl in San Jose.

21. Elephant Seals on the California Coast 

22. Norwegian Forest Cat 

23. “Felis Silvestris Catus”, AKA a house cat.”

24. up on the roof 

25. Gorilla at the Paignton Zoo – Paigton, Devon -England

26. Asiatic lion up close 

27. Brook trout from Vermont

28. Happy Little Pufferfish

29. Housecat – Felis catus

30. Burrowing Owls by Robert Stronck 

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