30 Top Food Pictures of the Week – April 30th to May 07th, 2012

1. Just a stock photo.


2. Reese’s cheesecake brownies

3. Blue Velvet Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting

4. Cheesecake filled Strawberries!

5. Bacon and Onion Mac & Cheese

6. Chicken Cordon Bleu

7. Malt ball chocolate cake!

8. My GF made me bruschetta !

9. Banana Pie Cups

10. Everything bagel + smoked lox + scallion cream cheese.

11. Salted caramel brownie sandwich filled w/ tin roof ice cream & drizzled w/ hot fudge

12. My Dad usually works out of state. This is what dinner looks like when he comes back.

13. Three bacon, two portobello mushrooms, peppered turkey; all between a toasted, buttered bagle!

14. Waffle ice cream sandwich 

15. Cheesey Mushroom Pull Apart Bread

16. Dinner last night

17. Bite size banana splits

18. Soup Dumpling

19. sushi.

20. The Viet-Mex Saga Continues, Carne Asada Spring Rolls

21. Rogan Josh and saffron rice in a Naan bread wrap 

22. Cutesy fun with rice, fruits, and veggies

23. Peanut butter banana french toast deliciousness

24. I made chocolate macarons w/ nutella buttercream

25. Trickling burger

26. Mexican Salad Boats

27. Fig balsamic glazed pork w/tomato and goat cheese salad

28. Mmm… homemade gyro with Alton Brown’s lamb loaf and tzatziki recipe

29. Schnitzel Eggs Benedict..

30. A very important milestone. pho!

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