30 Best Sky Pictures of the Week – May 02th to May 09th, 2012

1. Holy Shit! 

2. I captured this close-up, lightning-laden, rotating cumulonimbus over Chicago last night. 

3. An Apocalyptic South Dakota Storm

4. The rise of the “Supermoon” at the Toroweap overlook at the Grand Canyon 

5. Orange moon over Tromsø mountains, Balsfjord Kommune, Troms Fylke, Norway 

6. Strike One – Miramar, Buenos Aires, Argentina

7. Mammatus clouds at sunset in Louisiana 

8. Midnight Thunderstorm, Ames, Iowa 

9. Ominous shelf cloud near Glasgow Kentucky on Monday packing 70 mph winds 

10. Supermoon over Santa Cruz 

11. Just another evening on the Navajo Nation..

12. Rainbow Sun above Angkor Wat, Cambodia

13. Clouds over Uig, Scotland

14. Mountain Sunset 

15. The darkening sky, Staffin, Scotland.

16. A cloudy day at the beach in Cancun, Mexico 

17. Rainbow Scotland

18. Sunset in Minnesota 

19. Genoa sunset 

20. Cloud sliced by peak of Mt. Fuji

21. Sunset sky, Tivoli, Italy

22. Skyscraper Canyon – New York City

23. Sunrise and Fog, Camden, NSW Australia

24. Sunset Norway – Extreme Resolution 

25. Clouds Over The Amstel – Amsterdam, NL

26. Clouds on Fire, Boulder, Colorado 

27. Sunset over the boardwalk – Duck, NC

28. Looking east (downglacier) on the Black Rapids after sunset 

29. Shot this image of the Mt Lofty Ranges yesterday 

30. Everyone criticized it for being over saturated. I, however, like the gum ball kind of color. Makes me think “unicorns.”

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