30 Best Exposure Photography Pictures of the Week – May 08th to May 15th, 2012

1. Lighthouse light trail with stars in the background  

2. Transmission Line Star Trails at Ipswich, Australia 

3. Camping on a Pacific lagoon island 

4. Milky Way over Teton Range and Jackson Lake

5. 30 sec exposure in street of Amsterdam

6. All Purple in Helsinki

7. 123 Second Exposure of the Brooklyn Bridge & Lower Manhattan 

8. Ocean Scape Under the Full Moon 

10. Sunset in Helsinki, Finland 

11. “A Collision Saved By Time” Wellington, NZ 

12. An hour of moving lights – Los Angeles, CA

13. 60 second exposure of street in Oslo

14. Abandoned Farm and the Milky Way

15. Starry night including Taurus, Pleiades, and the planet Jupiter over a balanced rock 

17. Man jumping rope with fire at CoSM. 

18. Pier, New Orleans, LA

19. Train Station

20. My friends and I had to sit still for 30 seconds for this one 

21. Watching for Perseids Meteors – Spherical Panorama

22. Weeping rocks – Blue Mountains

23. Mid-day 240 sec exposure through welding glass, Victoria BC 

24. Starry Autumn Night at Oxbow Bend, Grand Teton National Park

25. Water Drop 

26. 90 Second Exposure over Lower Manhattan

27. 20 Second Clear Skies, Lower Mainland, British Columbia

28. A massive amount of stars and the Milky Way against man made objects

29. Looking north to North Head at Manly,New South Wales, Australia 

30. A lighter

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  1. Sal says:

    Love photo number 23 from beautiful Victoria!!

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