20 Best Space Pictures of the Week – May 09th to May 16th, 2012

1. NGC 2359 aka “Thor’s Helmet” 


2. Venus and the Moon over Switzerland

3. Another nebula I painted…

4. Across the Centre of Centaurus A

5. Stars and aurora shine through clouds painted with light pollution. Trees partially lit from our house light.

6. This striking view of the globular star cluster Messier 55 in the constellation of Sagittarius (The Archer) was obtained in infrared light with the VISTA survey telescope at ESO’s Paranal Observatory in Chile

7. Recent Solar Flare; NASA Imaging

8. A nebula I painted 

9. This new view of the Cygnus-X star-forming region by the Herschel Telescope highlights chaotic networks of dust and gas that point to sites of massive star formation

10. Spiral Galaxy NGC 1672 from Hubble

11. Clear moon in the cloudless sky

12. The Hydra Cluster of Galaxies

13. The ISS observation dome

14. One more Nebula painting…

15. Sky Above Ancient Persia OS 

16. Sombero Galaxy in infared light 

17. Saturn’s Rings & Enceladus. Titan looms in the background. 

18. Sunrise over Basilica of Superga in Turin with Sunspot 1476

20. NGC 2366 is home to a bright, star-forming nebula and is close enough for astronomers to discern its individual stars

20. Artist’s Concept – Active Black Hole Squashes Star Formation 

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