30 Best Sky Pictures of the Week – May 09th to May 16th, 2012

1. Aurora at Reykjanes peninsula iceland

2. Pagoda Sunset in Fiji

3. Diagonal clouds at sunset, Plymouth, UK 

4. Along the Hudson River

5. Peak District

6. Took this when I was 13, feel bad I haven’t kept it in good shape. 

7. Rural Virginia

8. The beautiful reflected sky on lake Peten Itza (Peten, Guatemala) 

9. Aurora Indialis! You’ve heard of the Northern and Southern lights. But in Chennai, India which is not far from the equator something like this happens

10. South Dakota after storm

11. Completely untouched sunset over the Ponte Vecchio, in Florence, Italy

12. Jump to the sunset!

13. Vikøyri Sky – Sognefjorden, Norway

14. Sunset in Fiji, reflecting in the pool at Musket Cove.

15. Brooklyn Sky – New York City 

16. Sunset over the Tamar, Plymouth, UK 

17. Sunset sky over Mdina, Malta 

18. Sunset at the Oregon Coast 

19. Cottage in Ontario, Canada 

20. Sunset at Potawatomi State Park, Wisconsin 

21. A picture of a sunset somewhere between Malmö and Oxie in southern Sweden taken with my phone

22. Gyrstinge Sø, Denmark. “Fire in the sky”

23. New Day Dawning – Berwick-upon-Tweed, England

24. Peaceful cold morning, Strasbourg, France. 

25. Awesome Clouds/Sun Rays, NJ

26. Under the sky, Fabriano, Italy 

27. Sunset in Newport, RI

28. Bay Area sunset from Berkeley Hills

29. Niva harbour at Sunset

30. Cloudscape over the Atlas mountains in Morocco

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