25 Best Design Pictures of the Week – May 10th to May 17th, 2012

1. An absolutely beautiful $490,000 watch 


2. Elephant Combs

3. Lamborghini Reventon headlight 

4. Watches by Ziiiro Celeste 

5. Nice set of chester drawers at MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) 

6. Classic Italian – Pisa, Italy 

7. CCTV Building in Beijing

8. False front gables – Amsterdam 

9. Metal fire escape telescoping ladder

10. Moroccan Light – Marrakech, Morocco

11. Sandstone doorway of Khmer design- Ta Phrom in Angkor Wat 

12. Interior of St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague

13. Extruding letter sign – Rome hotel 

14. Dome of the hardrock restaurant shot by fisheye lens

15. Plastic lampshade

16. Reflecting pool – La Defense, Paris

17. Raisouni Palace. Asilah. Morocco.

18. Korean Lanterns – Seoul, Korea

19. Golden Calendar by Yurko Gutsulyak

20. Marble pillar decorative detail – Junagarh Fort, India 

21. Reflective floor and ceiling of the Shanghai World Financial Center observation deck 

22. Old neon sign at abandoned restaurant – Toronto

23. Tomb stones from Okunion cemetery – Japan 

24. Indie Music Label Logo by Dananjay Anandan

25. Plastic chairs used for mass in St. Peter’s Square, Vatican

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