30 Best Pictures of the Week Showing Human Emotion – May 14th to May 21th, 2012

1. A Jockey Learns of His Horse’s Death


2. I’ve posted Michael in a dunk contest here before, this is a different moment but just as incredible

3. Russian ballerinas with instructor. Titled, “The main thing – it’s hair.”

4. Yao Ming running past some jogging ladies. 

5. Private Presley.

6. Children line up at a cotton candy booth.

7. Braydon Coburn of the Philadelphia Flyers lands a punch on Brian Boyle 

8. Indian family waiting for train, Maharashtra, India 

9. Two woman at work on Jeju Island, South Korea

10. Man with a red beard holding a red cellphone and selling red onions on a market in Mysore – India

11. Climbing trees on Jeju Island, South Korea

12. Basket seller in Hanoi

13. Street sweeper street sleeping – Hanoi 

14. An older man picking seaweed on the Jeju coast in South Korea 

15. Abui tribal warrior, Alor, Indonesia

16. Relatives pray at the grave of a man killed in the 1948 Jeju Massacre on Jeju Island South Korea

17. Gold Miner, Mozambique by Robin Hammond

18. Buddhist monk from Beijing

19. An expression when you see the Everest for the first time 

20. Pygmy child from Central Africa with sharpened teeth

21. A cheerful Korean woman and a freshly painted bridge in Jeju, South Korea

22. Most Beautifull Hike of Canada? Crypt Lke Waterton

23. Education protestors face off with riot police in Santiago, Chile

24. American serviceman admiring two female pedestrians at cannes film festival — paul schutzer, may 1962 via LIFE.

25. Red Hawk, fought against Custer at Little Big Horn, born 1854, Badlands of South Dakota – Edward S. Curtis 

26. Have A Nice Day — Yangshou, China

27. Teustepe Cowboy – Nicaragua

28. Thomas Voeckler after barely retaining his overall lead in the Tour de France 

29. Burmese man with betel-leaf-stained teeth

30. Girl and mosque from a dusty village in the Sahel – Mali

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