30 Best Exposure Photography Pictures of the Week – May 15th to May 22nd, 2012

1. A wild electrical storm at the Grand Canyon resulted from a crazy monsoon

2. F1-11 Dump and Burn over Brisbaine 

3. Oxford, UK – 20 second shot in the snow with flash

4. Abandoned Brick factory steel wool

5. Fimmvorduhals Eruption and Aurora Borealis, Iceland 

6. A milky night

7. A 99 second exposure of the coastline of Jusangeoli on Jeju Island, South Korea 

8. The Brooklyn Bridge at dusk 

9. Psychedelic Space: Astronaut Don Pettit took this from the ISS by combining 18 30-second exposure shots

10. My first night shooting in a legit studio. This is the result. 

11. Milky Way lighting up the night in Utah’s Escalante Desert 

12. Mill Lake, no post-processing 

13. Using my bike for different purposes…

14. The blue hour along the coast of Jeju Island, South Korea 

15. Starry Beach | Milky Way over Lanikai Beach, Oahu, Hawaii 

16. Steel wool spinning

17. The eclipse from New Mexico. These images were taken 3 minutes apart. 

18. Cold Spring Night in New York City

19. City lights from a hill, no post-processing

20. Killiney Hill Obelisk, Dublin

21. Spring Landscape

22. Bug Trails at Ipswich, Australia

23. A shooting star and the night sky shine over Arscenic Arch near Poison Springs Canyon, Utah

24. Snowy Garden

27. The City’s Reflection

28. Sunset behind Ama Dablam near Chukung, Khumbu, Nepal 

29. Was suggested to post my picture here. Its from Golden Colorado I-70

30. City skyline, long exposure with zoom.

2 Responses to “30 Best Exposure Photography Pictures of the Week – May 15th to May 22nd, 2012”
  1. SAV says:

    Photo number 3..there is a dark shadow figure standing in front of the sign.

  2. George H. Wolter says:

    Wow——————–Absolutely stunning.The two pictures, #7 and 14 taken on JeJu Island, South Korea. They apparently changed the name or made it really “Korean”. I was stationed on Cheju-Do, South Korea shortly following WWII. When the Japanese occupied Korea prior to that war, they called it Saishu-To–(not sure of that spelling) but in any event, wonderful pictures—absolutely mind boggling.
    Thank you tons

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