30 Top Food Pictures of the Week – May 21th to May 28th, 2012

1. Possibly my best looking cake yet…Strawberry Mousse Cake.


2. Taco Tuesday!

3. Shrimp Tacos with Cilantro Lime Sauce

4. Fried risotto ball filled with broccoli and sausage that I stumbled upon at cool place in Rome.

5. Grilled Pineapple

6. I decided to go have a tasty burger last night

7. Swedish Princess Cake, anyone?

8. Schwartz’s deli in Montreal

9. Lava Cake

10. Making Chili from scratch

11. Deep dish pesto pizza from scratch.

12. Strawberry Covered Chocolate

13. Eggs Benedict and home fries

14. Home fries with bacon, swiss, fontina and some homegrown basil.

15. Seared tuna slider

16. Burger Bar 419 in Toledo, Ohio

17. Bacon wrapped shrimp over penne with a RoTel tomato cream sauce with oyster mushrooms.

18. My friends and I made a Shooter’s Sandwich!

19. Ladies and Gentlemen.. The Onion-Ring Poutine

20. I didn’t feel like cooking so dinner tonight is an array of snacky goodness.

21. Sushi themed carrot cake

22. Peanut Butter Cup Brownies

23. Jalapeño Popper Pizza

24. Coq au vin

25. “Flying” Fried Rice!

26. Mac N Cheese burger

27. Yesterday’s Mediterranean Lunch. Everything in the pic was finished off. I love fresh bread.

28. Rockin Eggs

29. Chocolate caramel potato chips

30. Buffalo Chicken with ranch

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