30 Best Exposure Photography Pictures of the Week – May 22nd to May 29th, 2012

1. Exposure : am I doing it right? 

2. I was told you guys would appreciate this. My photo of the Falcon 9 launch this morning. 197 second exposure

3. My girlfriend and a laser pen 

4. Intense electrical storm over Pasay Philippines, 5 sec exposure 

5. The softer, more eloquent side to fireworks. 

6. Smoke Space

7. Restored 100 year old Zeppelin hangar skeleton . 1 hour of stacked star trails

8. Star trails from the International Space Station

9. Canary Wharf. Long exposure reflections.

10. Chinook at Night

11. Hula – hooper ‘underexposed’

12. Old Helsinki 

13. The view from my room, 280 x 30s. 

14. The view from my room, 280 x 30s.

15. Pondside Painting for 17 minutes

16. Cathodes in building site, Tyneside, UK. 

17. Firefly dance

18. Floridian Orbage, Florida.

19. ISS over Ruby Beach

20. Fast Moving Clouds in Lower Manhattan

21. Dragon on approach to the ISS, as seen from the east coast at 4:10am, 30 sec exposure 

22. A 123 second exposure at Seongsan Ilchulbong, Jeju Island, South Korea

24. The launch of the Space X Falcon-9 rocket from Clermont Florida, 123 second exposure

25. Trolltunga, Norway

26. Kifissos Avenue, Athens, Greece

27. River Dee Sunrise. HDR. 

28. Red Green & Blue CCFTs in a tunnel, Tyneside, UK.

30. Moonbow and lighting at Great Salt Lake, Utah

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