30 Best Space Pictures of the Week – May 23rd to May 30th, 2012

1. SpaceX’s biggest fans: Astronauts aboard the ISS watch and cheer SpaceX’s Dragon‬ launch


2. The Milky Way from the top of Mauna Kea, Hawaii

3. Nighttime from space

4. Stare right into The Eye of God 

5. A graphical comparison shows the amount of water on Jupiter’s moon Europa as compared with Earth’s water. Its subsurface ocean plus ice layer could range from 80 to 170 kilometers in average depth

6. Saturn V family portrait

7. Wernher von Braun and the Saturn V

8. Veil Nebula

9. S106

10. Edge-on view of NGC 891, which is 100,000 light years in diameter

11. Black Hole Outburst in Spiral Galaxy M83

12. Orion

13. The dragon spacecraft over Namibia

14. The Milky Way as seen from the Blue Mountains area west of Sydney

15. NGC 6826

16. M42

17. A huge detailed pic of Rover Opportunity at Endeavour Crater on Mars.

18. Scorpius in red and blue, which is about 600 light-years away 

19. ISS’s robotic arm reaches out to catch SpaceX’s Dragon with Earth as its backdrop 

20. The ISS was over the central South Pacific about 240 miles northeast of the Marshall Islands when one of the Expedition 31 crew members positioned on the station’s Cupola captured this image of the sun coming up

21. The SpaceX Dragon 2.4 km below the International Space Station on May 25 

22. The International Space Station and the docked space shuttle Endeavour

23. In preparation for the transit of Venus next week, here is the transit of Mercury in 2003

24. 50 years ago today, Scott Carpenter flew the second American manned orbital flight on May 24, 1962. He piloted his Aurora 7 spacecraft through three revolutions of the earth

25. Ring of Fire over Grand Canyon, AZ on 20 May 2012 

26. Contemplating the Sun

27. I just took a picture of the reflection of the sun in a fountain adjacent to the moon , and thought I would share…

28. Aurora, light pollution, and the Pleiades

29. Pulsar Wind in the Vela Nebula

30. Wehrner von Braun in front of Apollo 5 — a favorite as it is so unusual to to see a Saturn IB 

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