15 Best Design Pictures of the Week – May 24th to May 31st, 2012

1. Sub full of architecture, i want more beautiful product designs


2. Ben & Jerry’s designs a lock, to keep your ice cream pints safe – Called the ‘Euphori-Lock’, the combination lock attaches directly on to your Ben & Jerry’s pint, and requires a correct code to open.

3. Voigtlander Cameras – When Film was the go

4. DIY gravestones in an Islamic cemetery in Yemen

5. Colored tiles of Osgoode Law School atrium, Toronto

6. Wooden porch or veranda

7. Walkways inside Tokyo Convention Center

8. Study desks and lamps at Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, Toronto

9. Gesjoemel (monkey business). Interesting statues on a building in Amsterdam.

10. Tomb stones – Okunoin cemetery of Koyasan, Japan

11. Sculpture (author unknown),Denia,Spanien

12. Scientific Flask Vase and Steel Shelf by AutumnWorkshop

13. Beautiful coat hanger by Katrín Ólína an icelandic designer 

14. Balconies of the Grand Hyatt’s atrium , Shanghai

15. Badshahi Mosque – Lahore, Pakistan

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