30 Best Pictures of the Week Showing Human Emotion – June 05th to June 11th, 2012

1. Artist and audience: little boy playing the flute, with an attentive cat

2. At last: a German girl meets her father, a WW2 soldier, for the first time since she was 1 year old.

3. Traditional Geisha within an ultramodern society. Kyoto, Japan 

4. Lock Up Your Daughters! A young boy accepts a trophy at the third annual Malmesbury Abbey Skate Competition.

5. A pretty, young woman adjusts her costume minutes before a festival on Jeju Island, South Korea

6. Brad Tunis coming back to shore after a surfing session in freezing water 

7. Unsafe Journey. North of Dhaka, Bangladesh

8. On a midnight stroll in Kabukicho

9. Time for a snooze in Burano

10. Security guards, New Delhi, India

11. Portrait of a Gypsy, Denis Buchel

12. Man of the fields

13. Tibetan Woman preparing to greet the Dalai Lama

14. Brave New World: little boy hearing for the first time

15. Freckles.

16. 71-Year-Old Marcy Dolin: I’m lying on my bed, smoking a joint. I smoke about eight a day, and eat a marijuana cookie before I go to sleep at night. I like the peanut-butter ones. I’ve been using marijuana for about 35 years, ever since I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

17. Buster Keaton on the set of “The Navigator”, 1924 

18. The Color Run, Irvine, CA 

19. “Orange” A portrait young woman on a cell phone

20. One of the most heartbreaking photos I’ve ever seen: Elderly Armenian Woman Guards Home 

21. Exhale only love. “Babies” Series – Ponijao, Africa

22. Two San men of Northern Namibia, one wearing traditional garb the other the uniform of the SADF. This was taken by my father in Namibia in 1974.

23. Mad Sticky Situations

24. My GF Smelling a Hydrangea by Andy Hodapp

25. Child brides. Hajjah, Yemen

26. Bernice Lythcott and her son Leonard looking out a window through which hoodlums threw stones, by Weegee, Harlem, 1943

27. Now this is a tall head of hair! (Seoul, South Korea)

28. Child bathing in a Somalian refugee camp

29. Portrait of a Romanian coal miner,  Sorin Onisor

30. A small Hmong girl with a big hat, North Vietnam

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