20 Best Design Pictures of the Week – June 07th to June 14th, 2012

1. Chair is also a stepladder

2.  Retina MacBook Pro interior

3. Modern Outdoor Space in Vancouver

4. The 4th floor of the Vincci Bit Hotel in Barcelona

5. Gastric Subway – Steven McGaughey 

6. More cool Birdhouses, Designed by Frederik Roijé

7.  Chinese tea cups [OC] [1024×683]

8. The Prague Astronomical Clock

9. Old sign with edison bulbs to display the restaurant’s name. You dont see that many of these type of signs any more. Virginia City, Nevada 

10. Sandstone carvings, Jaisalmer, India

11. Striped building in São Paulo, Brazil 

12. Medieval torch light holder – Prague

13. Blades of brass, Volda, Norway

14. Detail of a pillar in the temple of the Jade Mountain, Hanoi, Vietnam

15. The Apollo Fountain designed by Tuby in 1670 – Chateau de Versailles

16. Chair of the Royal French Court, Versailles

17. Ornamental design of The Treasury in sandstone city of Petra

18. Beauty is Distorted-Marilyn Monroe Tribute

19 An Awesome Desk – Made from old pipes, bridge gears, and salvaged barn wood this desk is the epitome industrial amazingness.

20. Courtesy Table: by Marleen Jansen [1600×1062]

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