30 Best Exposure Photography Pictures of the Week – June 12th to June 19th, 2012

1. The milky way and its reflection on a perfectly smooth Sugar Pine Reservoir in CA

2. In a tunnel

3. From popular requests, i am sharing more of my star shots. This one is a stacked star trail above pine trees.

4. Blissful night sky

5. 30sec BASE jump, 330′ with a spotlight strapped to my chest.

6. A 4 second exposure at Gwakji Beach, Jeju, South Korea

7. Eiffel Tower, At Night

8. Ireland long exposure first time

9. The Milky Way above Easter Island

10. Tesla Coil

11. Infrared Eagle, Gold Coast, Australia

12. Let There be Light – 5 exposures

13. The Moon Shinies Virginia Beach, VA 

14. 30sec Exposure of The Inner Harbor Skyline at Night, Baltimore, MD.

15. Ponta Da Piedade, Portugal

16. Ferry Long Exposure

17. Just a waterfall in Ireland

18. Lighthouse in Lindau, Germany

19. Long exposure overlooking the freeway in Downtown Sacramento, CA.

20. My First Attempt at Star Trails

21. I climbed up a 50′ mast to capture this.

22. SF golden gate bridge

23. Blue Sparks 

24. Airglow and Milky Way in Wyoming

25. Florence Sunset

26. A HDR of an abandoned warehouse with a touch of extra light. Sydney, Australia

27. 30 minute exposure while Camping under the milk way 

28. Overpass in Milan, trying out long exposure

29. Beach at night. Florianópolis, Brazil.

30. A Star In A Dark Room.

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