30 Best Architecture Pictures of the Week – June 14th to June 21th, 2012

1. Graham House by E. Cobb Architects

2. 40 meters hight statue of Genghis Khan in Mongolia, created in 2006 in honor of 800 anniversary of Mongolia. There will be 212 ha park with trees, pools and small houses for guests. And, yes, this statue will be covered in gold.

3. Tori Tori Restaurant

4. Dancing Building, Prague, Czech Republic

5. Funky Little Building, Pittsburgh, PA

6. Looking up the Space Needle, Seattle, WA

7. Barn with indoor pool attached in Williamson, Massachusetts

8. Imperial Chinese architecture of the Summer Palace – Beijing

9. Open Air Shopping at City Creek Centre by ZGF Architects

10. kennedy business center patent office – eindhoven, the netherlands

11. The three bridges, Devil’s bridge, Wales.

12. Philadelphia City Hall

13. St Patricks Cathedral, Melbourne Australia

14. La Villa – Madrid

15. Long exposure study of the Imperial War Museum North; Daniel Libeskind.

16. Canary Wharf Station London

17. Louvre Pyramid in Square

18. ISTANBUL – Cistern of Theodosius

19. Emerson Chambers Building (Waterstone’s), Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

20. Slovenia Old Alleyway Skywalk

21. Beach Promenade – I just love the symmetry

22. Contrasting London at Picadilly Circus

23. Beeld en Geluid (Institute for Sound and Vision)

24. Golden Temple – Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar, India

25. The cloisters, Salisbury cathedral

26. Inside Petra Treasury – Jordan

27. Penang, Malaysia Street Housing

28. Building Detail, Jackson MS

29. La Casa de Cristal – Madrid

30. Trieste, Slovenia Midrises

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  1. Steve B says:

    22 is actually Victoria St London SW1, in between Victoria Station and Parliament Sq

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