30 Best Exposure Photography Pictures of the Week – June 19th to June 26th, 2012

1. An 11 Minute exposure in Golden Gate Park

2. 34 seconds without a lens, then 10seconds with the lens back on. 

3. A skier takes a tight turn with a star trail backdrop

4. The Village of Gasadalur in the Faroe Islands (70 sec exposure) 

5. Just some star trails, and some reflections of them | Lake IISAC. 

6. Light Painted Fern Gully

7. Planes headed for San Francisco International Airport descend past the former and current San Mateo Bridges under a moonlit sky

8. Crazy Stars and My Jeep – Whistler B.C.

9. Sunset in Helsinki

10. Rotation of The Stars – Milky Way Blur

11. Lightning – stack 14 photos shot with homemade lightningtrigger – deurne, the netherlands

12. 23 Minutes to Tackyland

13. Celestial reflection – alpine wilderness

14. Forks of lightning during a thunderstorm on June 20, 2012 in Warsaw, Poland 

16. The place I’ll be staying in North Florida for the next week.

17. I-77 in Bland County, VA

18. Some star trails and a few lightning strikes created from about 40 stacked images near Madison, Wisconsin.

19. My friend doing fire poi(Portland, OR)

21. Mercury, Venus, Pleiades, over Rio de Janeiro at dawn

22.  Lightning over the FL. Everglades

23. My Local Fair

24. Milky Way Madness!

25. Caught the ISS over North Jersey

26. Celebration of Lights 2011

27. Mt. Ekmont at night

28. 8 seconds over LA’s 110 Freeway

29. Cape Town, as seen from Lion’s Head

30. Milky Way over Denver, Colorado

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