30 Best City Pictures of the Week – June 23th to June 30th, 2012

1. Brussels Magic Carpet

2. Looking Up Fifth Avenue During Blue Hour in NYC

3. Chicago River on the Bend

4. Sofia with the mountain of Vitosha, Bulgaria

5. Chicago River 

6. Manhattan

7. Fort Lauderdale – Florida

8. Norilsk, Russia, covered with snow

9. Beautiful Istanbul, Turkey

10. “Digital Orca” and Vancouver

11. Kelowna, B.C.

12. (Izumo waterfall east Kamiya Sun)

13. Nara, Japan a perfect balance of city and nature

14. Norilsk, Russia

15. Panorama of Melbourne toward the MCG

16. Incredible picture of New York City from the air

17. Panorama of Sarajevo

18. Aerial photo of Halifax, Nova Scotia’s waterfront and citadel

19. New York City, Park Avenue, day to night

20. Barcelona West from the Museu Nacional

21. View on the city of Stralsund (Germany, UNESCO world heritage) 

22. Tokyo by night from Roppongi Hills

23. I like cycling. Here are two pictures I took on bike rides in Pittsburgh, USA (4/30/12) and Valencia, Spain (6/24/12). 

24. A view on Gdansk, Poland with its famous landmark, the crane gate

25. Sunrise over the City of London – UK

26. Sydney Harbour Bridge, from Lavender Bay.

27. Florence, Italy and Il Duomo

28. Boston Skyline

29. Azhar Park, Cairo, Egypt

30. Venice, Italy

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  1. Adin says:

    That is not a photo of Sarajevo! 🙂

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