30 Best Exposure Photography Pictures of the Week – June 26th to July 3rd, 2012

1. Something my friends and I made after a rainy day.

2. Milky Way over Switzerland

3. Moon over the San Francisco Bay, seen from the top of Mount Tamalpais

4. Ijmuiden harbor. My first attempt at a blurry water exposure.

5. Golden Gate Bridge with Moon, Fog, and Wind

6. Painting with a laser pointer in Portland, Oregon

7. Tower Bridge London 15 seconds

8. Plasma ball at the Toronto Science Centre

9. My first foray into long exposure. 30 second exposure in Centerville, TX

10. The North Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge at night

11. Exposure of Hong Kong’s Symphony of Lights

12. Bridges over Allegheny River in Downtown Pittsburgh, PA

13. Ruoholahti by Night

14. Sutton Place and The FDR

15. Savanna or Estonia?

16. Ghostly Figure in Paris

17. 132-second time exposure of Space Shuttle Endeavour STS-130, 115 miles north of Launch Pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center

18. 30 Second exposure of night sky, first try at these

19. Aurora Borealis over Reykjavik

20. 1st Avenue NYC, 30s

21. 45 minutes on a small road in California

22. UN Plaza 1st Ave

23. Flowing River by Andy Hodapp

24. 35 second exposure of Horseshoe Falls, Dartmoor, UK

25. Sydney Harbour Bridge last night

26. Lonely Park

27. Got my first lightning photo!

28. The Hudson Bay and the city lights at night

29. Architectural LE, 30secs at Manchester’s Imperial War Museum North

30. A friend overlooking the St. John’s Harbour

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