Smartpet: iPhone as a Lovely Pet

As smart as a iPhone  and as a friend as a dog , a smart phone is all that you need as a domestic animal which can behave like just a normal puppy dog. A Japanese company Bandai has released a very unusual variation of the droids smart pets it has become a pet.It is a Robot having a form of dog running through this smart phone where the iPhone is inserted into the niche where this dog would face and has become itself the face of an electronic pet.

Smartpet: iPhone as a Lovely Pet

Due the appropriate programmer designed to smart pet, on the screen of this device can be represented by about a hundred different emotions and grimaces. Like other robots, smart pet has knowledge of the world and will run, jump, give paw, wagging his tail, barking, growling and even dance. It will respond to your voice and gestures.

At the same time, he will be gaining experience, learning that more and more too please you, you can be able operate in the mode of the mobile phone iPhone integrated to it. The cost of the body of the robot dog smart pet is 83 U.S. dollars and mobile phone  iPhone  is sold separately just have a look at the pictures of this cute smart pet.

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