30 Best Exposure Photography Pictures of the Week – July 4th to July 10th, 2012

1. A 60 second exposure of Serra da Leba Road, Angola

2. July 4th Fireworks 4 second exposure 50mm f11

3. Fireworks in San Francisco

4. Galaxy in water on the ground.

5. Did some light painting last night, this was by far my favorite one of me.

6. The Milky Way over Ontario, Canada by Kerry-Ann Lecky Hepburn

7. I accidentally took a photo of the Milky Way Galaxy in Maricopa, AZ.

8. 12 minute exposure

9. Beginning of an Autobahn

10. Milky Way stars over Moulton homestead, Grand Teton N.P.

11. Fireworks Over Midtown Manhattan

12. self portrait with the milky way on taylor pass near aspen colorado.

13. First time Astro photography/Landscape. How’d I do?

14. Lonely in the Barracks, Fort Bliss, TX

15. Fourth of July Carnival Rides

16. 1932 Ford Coupe

17. Full moon in Trier, germany

18. Aquarium and Fish (light painting)

19. Teeter Totter

20. Big Ben, Westminster Bridge

21. Car blasting past our country road astrophotography spot

22. Sparky the Dragon, 1s Exposure of Fireworks

23. Nothing fancy, just some backyard fireworks

24. Autumn Milky Way from Saint-Euphrône, Burgundy, France

25. Stream In Northern California (2144-1336)

26. Red and Blue New Years Eve Fireworks in NYC by Asmundur

27. Ocean City, NJ Fireworks

28. 30 seconds of vienna

29. Moon through the haze after the 4th of July Fireworks

30. Doe Castle Donegal Ireland.

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