30 Best Exposure Photography Pictures of the Week – July 10th to July 17th, 2012

1. 7 Minutes of firefly activity

2. 9 second exposure of the aurora borealis near Strokes Bay, Ontario

3. Start up gauge sweep of my 05 Subaru Legacy GT, taken by my friend a while ago

4. I wanted to do something different when photographing fireworks, here’s the result

5. Self portrait over solar lights

6. 20 Sec. Exposure of my Dad’s Shelby

7. 13 second exposure of a Starry Night at Moogerah in Australia

8. Milky way pics from last weekend, album in comments

9. Crater Lake under the Stars

10. Train

11. Pigeon Point Lighthouse light trails and stars

12. Parked Rolls Royce while the traffic moves by in Chicago Gold Coast

13. 6 hour exposure that tracks climbers up Mt. Rainier. Photo by Chris Morin 

14. Steel wool in a tunnel

15. Glacier National Park at night, about two hours on a full moon.

16. Aurora Australis seen from Hobart, Australia

17. 17 Minutes In My Yard

18. 15 second exposure of Plymouth Eye at night

19. Milky Way Reflections at Lake Moogerah

20. Northern Lights over Norwegian Fjord

21. Light painting under the Milky Way while stargazing with my telescope

22. The Passing of the Taxi; Lisbon, PT

23. Roman Candles in a Park

24. Milky Way stars over Signal Mountain summit, Grand Teton NP

25. Long exposure at beach. Dana Point, CA

26.  Storms at Sandpiper

27. Fireworks over Castle AFB, CA.

28. Five second exposure of autumn in Devon, England

29. Stanlow Refinery, UK

30. Long exposure of shadows in Mellieha courtyard, Malta

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