Electronic Butter Knife by Warburton’s

Many men and women deal with the irritating process of spreading a cold lump of butter on a piece of toast. Anyone who has ever tried it, know how it makes everything messy and we get irritated soon.

Are you also tired of heating your butter in the microwave or with a hairdryer to get it to the point of perfection for spreading? Have you heard of electric heated butter knife? It’s a better idea than trying to spread cold butter on a piece of bread.

Even if your butter is straight from the fridge, a preheated electric butter knife is all you need to slice right through! A couple of designers in the UK named Warburton’s have created a magical kitchen accessory to help you in kitchen.

This creation is names as electric heated butter knife. The idea for this knife came about after a survey which was taken by researchers with Warburton’s and they found out that the heated butter knife was the most welcomed innovation as kitchen accessory that people were waiting to have designed.

Stuart Jones from Warburton’s mentioned that, “We’ve fine tuned the knife’s specifications to ensure the speediest heat-up and perfect temperature for spreading and we’re thrilled with how well it works.” This knife is powered by two AA batteries that fit right into the handle.

The feature of this butter knife is that it heats up to 41.8 degrees Celsius when it is activated by a button. It becomes then heated and helps in easily cutting a piece of butter and spreading it on smoothly without spoiling your piece of bread. I am sure that this knife is going to make a room in your kitchen’s drawer.

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