30 Best Sky Pictures of the Week – July 11th to July 18th, 2012

1. 6 hour lightning storm yesterday. And the sunset. Edison, Washington.

2. Sky Above My House in Southern Ontario, Canada

3. Sunset in Madison, WI 10/22/07

4. Beautiful mammatus clouds at sunset in South Dakota

5. Good morning, sunshine! From my office window in northwestern PA.

6. In the mountains of Italy. Photo by Gian Andri Giovanoli

7. Over Fjällbacka, Sweden

8. A bit of weather, Oxnard California

9. Dusty road

10. Awesome storm cloud in western Nebraska

11. Sunset over Vancouver Lake – Vancouver, WA

12. Category 5 Felix from the ISS on September 3rd, 2007 over the western Caribbean 

13. Heavenly. finland

14. Birches and Sky (rehosted)

15. Thunderstorm rolling in over Richmond, VA.

17. Rainbow Over Dallas

18. Thunderstorm over the Bronx

19. My first post here. Very orange sunset, just North of Toronto, Ontario, seen from my balcony.

20. Monsoon over Mono County, California

21. Sunset in Tofino, BC

22. Port Elgin, Ontario Sunset

23. Base of a supercell over Boulder, CO

24. Sunset over the Potomac River

25. Thunder storms brewing over Wasatch Range, Utah

26. Sunset over Salt Lake City.

27. Split Sky Shadow, Port Jefferson, NY

28. Sunset from the Space Needle (Seattle, WA)

29. Sunset Over Sarasota, Florida

30. Placentia, California 13 July 2012

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